Maximise on your greatest asset: your people 

Recruitment is a big investment. So, it makes sense to get the very best from the team of people you already have on board. 

Through a range of training courses designed specifically for marketing and creative professionals, you can help your people stay forward-looking, motivated and progressive. 

Training courses can be tailored or built around your specific needs. They can be delivered on site (adhering to social distancing measures), at a venue of choice, or virtually. 

Here are some examples of what we can offer: 

Line management training: the tools to manage whatever management challenges may arise.

What the course can cover: 

  • How to develop people

  • How to have career planning conversations and set career plans

  • How to give constructive feedback

  • How to have difficult conversations

  • How to coach people

  • How to set good objectives and goals

  • How to manage team mental health challenges 

Hot Air Balloons
Motivating coach

How to create high performing teams.

What the course can cover: 

  • How to motivate people in demanding environments (particularly in light of COVID-19) 

  • How to manage team dynamics

  • How to deliver constructive feedback

  • How to remove obstacles to progress 

Client communication in a virtual environment

What the course can cover: 

  • How to present in a virtual environment

  • How to manage client calls in a virtual environment

  • How to manage challenging client conversations on group calls

Job interview
Kite Flying

More general client management skills workshops

What the course can cover: 

  • How to identify a successful approach to communicating with clients 

  • How to create a consistent feedback framework

  • How to head off difficult situations before they occur

  • Handling difficult conversations 

  • How to pitch your ideas and proposals