• Jo Wassell

You have been counter offered! Now what? | Invoke Recruitment

You've just received a counteroffer from your current employer and you're not sure what to do. Should you stay or should you go?

When you resign from a job, it is a big decision. You might feel many different emotions, such as sadness, anger, or happiness. Before you resign, it's worth reflecting on why you have got to this point and accepted the new employer's offer.

This is because your employer is likely to make you feel guilty about your choice. They have likely been through this before. They know the process and may try to take advantage of your emotions.

No doubt they will talk to you about how important you are to the team. They may discuss the company's plans for your future and mention opportunities for growth and top it off with a nice shiny offer of a raise and promotion as well.

While there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer, we have seen many different versions over the years.

The key here though... is to reflect on why you wanted to leave in the first place? I often find that asking yourself these questions can help:

  • Have I stopped growing in my current role? Have I lost my energy and drive? Will I be disengaged if I stay?

  • Have my employers stopped innovating and developing as a business? Will their product or service be relevant in a couple of years?

  • Have my employers stopped re-investing in me?

  • Is my current role giving me the skills to be relevant if I stay where I am? Will I develop my skills more elsewhere?

  • Do I have better training opportunities elsewhere?

  • Will the fundamental frustrations still be here? Will it change the culture, training and development overnight or realistically are you’re going to start getting itchy feet again in a few months?

  • If I stay, will it take me out of my comfort zone to relight the fire in my belly and progress my career.

Write it down: having it in black and white will be helpful if you come under pressure to reverse your decision. This is as near as you can get to an objective, measured decision so it’s important to keep this front of mind.

Sometimes a counteroffer can be enticing, but don’t let yourself get too side-tracked. Remember why you were considering leaving in the first place. Accepting a counteroffer may sometimes be the correct decision, but often we find candidates back on the market in 6 months’ time when things don’t change. Managing the process can be a daunting one, but by thinking about the questions above you may help you make an informed choice!

Good luck, and if you need a one-to-one chat or some resignation advice then as always just give me a shout.