Career planning template based on a start-up approach to business planning.

Any business owner worth their salt will profess the importance of building a robust business model.  Success very rarely 'just happens'.

The same principle applies to your career too.  Without carefull planning, consideration of market factors and development of objectives that actually align with what you want from both your work and personal life, it's very easy to end up drifting. 

"Success very rarely 'just happens'.  CEOs would agree planning is essential to run a successful business, and your career is no different."


You may or may not have heard of Lean Stack.  It's a collection of tools, content and coaching resources designed to help entreprenuers succeed.  The foundation of Leanstack is their Lean Canvas, which is an adaptation of a more traditional model plan, but adapted for a start up spirit (fast, concise and effective).  This is an ideal tool for laying the foundations of a business model for your career.  Analysing your competition; looking at your key strengths and weaknesses; developing and exploiting your unfair advantages; defining your target employer audience and honing the solution you provide.

Invoke have tailored a version of the Lean Canvas to work for your personal career planning.  This will become your career map.  To be regularly referred to, refined and updated according to real time experiences, new opportunities, changes in circumstances and newly acquired knowledge. 

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