Done correctly, marketing recruitment is a time-intensive, ten-step process. View our 10 step process below.

Recruitment-needs analysis


we’ll work closely with you and your business to understand your culture and recruitment needs. We then create relevant, competency-based interview questions based on this initial discovery session to help us identify the best candidates who fit not only your skills requirements, but also your culture.

Crafting the advert


recruitment is just like marketing; you need to craft engaging content that drives inbound leads. Our background in marketing and our in-house copywriter means we can tailor the right tone and language to attract your target candidate.

Placing the advert


from social channels and sharing, to industry media both print and online. And of course, get visibility across Invoke’s own extensive network. 



we have a vast database of skilled candidates – spanning C-level to executive, and creatives to data specialists. We also spend a lot of time networking with B2B marketers through industry events, speaking engagements and referrals. This means we know the candidates who might be ready for a move but are not actively on the market. In addition, we use market-leading sourcing tools and platforms - making sure we search every corner for the right people.

Qualifying leads


this is the time-intensive part. We’ll follow up on every lead directly if required, and we qualify candidates extensively. Jo is a trained executive and career coach, so we really get to the bottom of what our candidates are looking for. We match the right people to your opportunity and don’t share candidates who aren’t right for your role - making sure the shortlist we put forward saves you time by interviewing only the right people. So you get the right fit, first time.

Interview scheduling and prep


we manage the time and place, booking locations if required, and ensuring our candidates are briefed and fully prepared on both the opportunity and your business. There is also an option for us to conduct the interviews on your behalf if required.

Follow up


 Moving jobs is an emotional experience. We ask candidates the right questions to guarantee a high level of transparency, so that when we get to the offer stage, everyone is clear on expectations from both sides.



use our expertise to secure the right salary for you and the candidate – quickly and smoothly.



we make sure candidates get off to the right start and settle in from day one. We can work directly with your business to manage inductions, training and team introductions – including compiling a welcome booklet with the top ‘need to know’ information for candidates before their first day.

Ongoing coaching and wellbeing


an optional service to help employees stay abreast of the marketing world’s ever-changing nature. Ensuring better job satisfaction, productivity, and company loyalty. And better employee retention for you.

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